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If my electric wheelchair lift is stolen off the back of my vehicle, will the loss be covered by my Florida auto insurance?

Many modifications are made to vehicles for a variety of reasons.  Some include cosmetic augmentation, power enhancement, installation of entertainment systems, assistive adaptations for disabled drivers, and wheelchair lifts.  All of these modifications  should be discussed with your insurance agent before they are made.  Somemodifications can be endorsed onto your existing policy for an additional premium, while others may  require a separate Florida auto insurance policy.  

TIP: Advise your agent or insurance company of any specialized equipment to your vehicle such as wheelchair lifts or ramps, power chairs and hand controls and any other customizations to your vehicle. Insurance companies have special endorsements (also called riders) to cover the cost of any conversion or additions.

If the wheelchair itself was stolen it might not be covered under your car insurance. Once again, it is very important that you consult with your insurer or insurance agent to review your policy and liability coverages. Today in some locations, there are specific policies available to cover manual and electric wheelchairs and scooters. Homeowners insurance may also cover the loss of your wheelchair or scooter. It’s always prudent to make sure these items are specifically mentioned to your insurance professional.

It’s important to discuss all disability related modifications to your vehicle and to your home with your insurance agent.  Call us at 407-869-4200 to discuss your current policy coverage. You may also visit us at Orlando insurance agency to learn more.